EcoPhones has been a leader in wireless reverse logistics and supply chain management since 2001. Our solutions allow us to process used electronics and other devices for our clients in a manner which:

  • Guarantees Compliant Data Erasure
  • Conforms to the Highest Environmental Standards
  • Maximizes the Value of Each Device

Each device that we receive is recorded into our proprietary Inventory Management System (IMS) by serial number allowing us to produce auditable asset reports and summaries for each shipment received.

Our mission is simple! We strive to properly test, process and reuse or recycle as many mobile and IT devices as possible in order to reduce the environmental impact that occurs from improper recycling efforts.

E-Waste is a growing problem in the United States, in fact, only about 10% of devices that are retired are ever recycled. EcoPhones works to promote awareness regarding proper disposition of used electronics and acts as a resource for our corporate, industry and non-profit partners which include leading ITADs and ITAMs, Fortune 500 corporations, major retailers and more than 55,000 schools, churches and community groups nation-wide.


Our Solutions

We provide a number of solutions ranging from charity recycling programs to full-service remarketing and device deployment. 

All of our processes are designed to maximize the value of the assets that we receive.  

Our main divisions include:


Our Guarantee

We take our commitment to our clients and the environment seriously and have incorporated it into our daily operations and corporate culture.

Our commitment to our clients is simple:

  • We will ensure that all devices are wiped of sensitive information.
  • We comply with NIST Special Publication 800-88 and are in legal compliance with all US data clearing regulations.
  • We will reuse or recycle all devices in a manner which minimizes environmental and health and safety impacts in accordance with the R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards.